Welcome to L.A.D.P.S., we are a California base private security company servicing city establishments, business establishments, and clients who are seeking innovative security services. At L.A.D.P.S. we specialize in armed & unarmed Para-Policing (Post-Up) Sentry Security. Our goal is property protection in safeguarding, securing, shielding, preserving, and protecting City Businesses, Corporate Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Financial Buildings, County Buildings, Private School’s or College Buildings, and Private Property Buildings.

L.A.D.P.S. is based in Los Angeles, yet services “any” Southern Californian City including Venice, Santa Monica, Glendale, Pasadena, Long Beach, Santa Ana, Burbank, and Anaheim. Our specialty is providing security for clients who are having issues, complaints, concerns, problems, or difficulties with: ‘destitutes,’ ‘loiters,’ ‘trespassers,’ ‘displaced individuals,’ and ‘vagrants’ who wish to hang-out, sleep, urinate, defecate, consume alcohol, write graffiti, pollute, contaminate, cause havoc, vandalize, or commit property crimes on City Buildings or Private Properties. (All L.A.D.P.S. Protection Officers are licensed by B.S.I.S. and are adequately trained in de-escalation, verbal commands, and respect.)

What makes L.A.D.P.S. so productive in Para-Policing is our ability to produce effective “accountability” on a daily basis. We are not like other security companies. We stand ‘out’ when it comes to “accountability.” L.A.D.P.S. sole interest is our clients. And that’s why when we designate Protection Officer’s on post, we have stingent field supervisors who make sure “accountability” is in place, and each Protection Officer is performing their duty. With L.A.D.P.S. working for you, “you” can rest assured that your City Businesses, City Buildings, and Private Properties will be protected.

Mission Statement
We are L.A.D.P.S., an American base private security company specializing in Para-Policing and (Post-Up) Sentry Security. Our expertise is employing well trained, well equip, and well discipline Protection Officers…
Protection Officers
Thank “you” for clicking on a Security Company that “hires,” “trains,” and “implements” the most disciplined sentries in “post-up” Protection. At L.A.D.P.S., our greatest “strength” and “pride” is our guards….

L.A.D.P.S. primary function is to protect, secure, shield, safeguard, and preserve City Businesses, City Buildings & Private Properties. L.A.D.P.S. services and conducts business with “any” Southern Californian City…
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L.A.D.P.S. takes pride in service, duty, and commitment. With L.A.D.P.S. representing ‘you:’ clients can rest assured, & have peace of mind knowing that ‘quality’ Protection Officer’s are on guard and on duty 24/7.


License & Insured / PPO# 17327

Toll Free: (800) 422-1699